Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Prevention and Awareness

HL 9 Block Walk 2015 April Debbie Jabour

International FASD Awareness Day September 9

International Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness Day is a time to bring attention to the prevalence of FASD around the world, the importance of learning about the prevention of this disability and the work being done locally towards prevention and supports.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is a disability that can happen when an individual is prenatally exposed to alcohol.  FASD is not specific to any culture or nationality.   It is happening around the world wherever alcohol is consumed.

Prevention of FASD happens when there is widespread awareness and knowledge of the dangers of alcohol use during pregnancy, the importance of planning a pregnancy so alcohol will not be consumed in that time period before a woman knows she is pregnant and understanding and appropriate supports and programming for the complexities of life that make it difficult for a women, spouse and natural supports to maintain an alcohol free pregnancy.

Supports and programming are available through the NWR FASD Society-Mackenzie Network for those families and individuals impacted by FASD.  These supports, however, are not stand alone supports but also collaborate with other existing programs and services available to create within the  Mackenzie Region an area that recognizes and is supportive of individuals with this complex disability that may require lifelong supports.

Thank you for taking the steps with us to recognize FASD, the supports individuals need and the importance of working towards knowledge and understanding and eventually the prevention of prenatal alcohol exposure and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders.

FASD Day September 9, 2016 in High Level

FASD Day has historically been a very busy time for the staff and clients in High Level.  We have hosted 9 Block Walks, Community Picnics and workshops with amazing participation by all the communities,  to help bring the message about prevention of FASD and the need and complexity of supports for individuals impacted by FASD and support and education for the parents or caregivers.

2017 FASD Day activities are being planned and will be posted in August on the Website.

Walk in Fog 2015

2017 FASD Day Community Picnic


September 9, 2017 The NWR FASD Society hosted it's  6th annual International FASD community Picnic in High Level, Alberta.  The Snyder's, who own the local Tim Horton's arranged to have the Tim's Mobile at the picnic offering free drinks.  With the youth activities, bucket sales and food, approximately 420 individuals took part in the activities over the afternoon. Friday, September 8th,  approximately 1500 people took part in the 2017 9 Block Walk to take steps towards awareness and prevention of prenatal alcohol exposure.


FASD Education and Workshops

June 1, 2017 at the Town Hall in High Level Room 110

Pebbles is a 6 hour workshop which provides a basic understanding of FASD before exploring the role of the brain in the behaviours observed in individuals with FASD, and finishing with a tool to better help those supporting individuals with FASD to understand and accommodate for this complex disability.  Pebbles will help the individual to recognize the type of strategies needed to support the individuals impacted with FASD.  $75.00 per person.



FASD Alberta Snapshot (introduction to FASD)

An introduction to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder including history, assessment and diagnostic process, behaviours and prevention.  Utilizing what we believe are promising practices in supporting individuals with FASD, programs offered in the Mackenzie Region of Alberta will be highlighted with opportunity to discuss why the programs work and how they can support front-line systems.

Prevention Message no matter how you read it