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Old Home

Sheltering Arms 7-S Housing is the end result of a group of parents dream to have a supported living residence in the Mackenzie Region that would provide permanent or transitional supported housing for their children who were prenatally exposed to alcohol and in need of supports.

From this dream the Sheltering Arms 7-S Housing Model became a reality in 2016 and the NWR Fasd Society – Mackenzie Network  moved into their own building in 2020.  The Sheltering Arms 7-S Housing is one of the programs operated within the NWR FASD Buiding (Formerly Action North).  This  Supported Living Residence has four suites which each have a bedroom with their own private bathroom.  There are two common areas.  The common area attached to the suites is for residents and staff only and has a sitting area, staff office and programming space.

The seond common area is where the kitchen, dining and a games/seating area are located.  In this area more programming happens as well as where visits from friends and family take place.

Sheltering Arms 7-S Housing is unique in Canada because of the level of supports and programming provided for persons living with FASD.    This program was originally a pilot project, but is now recognized in the “FASD World” as an emerging model for housing for persons living with FASD.

The vision, mission and values of the Sheltering Arms 7-S Housing are as follows:


All people diagnosied with FASD have access to safe, structured and supervised housing, empowering them to be active members in the community


The NWR FASD Society will advocate for and support those impacted with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder to attain secure, structured and supervised accommodations with programming that allows for growth, learning and skill development


As an orgnization we value:

Personal dignity, integrity and respect

An individual’s unique experience, needs and strengths

An individual’s right to a safe, supported living environment as needed

An individual’s right to supported employment, recreation and volunteerism as needed

Safe communites

Community parnerships and Collaboration


For more information on the Sheltering Arms 7-S Housing Program or any of our support programs please call k780-926-3375, go on the website:  www.nwr-fasd.ab.ca or email:  admin@nwr-fasd.ab.ca


Random Acts of Kindness Day February 17, 2022



February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day, our Staff and Clients were busy delivering donuts to local businesses and handing out chocolate bars to individuals they met on the street.

Annual Report


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2020-21 Annual Report


FASD Pebbles

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March 29, 2022

and March 30, 2022




FASD Online Courses

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FASD Education
Workshops and information sessions on FASD are available to any agency in the region for agencies and groups.

1.5 hour Snapshot introduces the topic of FASD, it’s history and general overview of the diagnosis, it’s implications over a lifetime and supports available in the region and the province. This presentation can be tailored depending on time and audience.

40 minute FASD Prevention Conversation addresses the importance of prevention of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure, the social issues surrounding alcohol use and the importance of conversation about the topic. "Lets Get Real" a prevention presentation for Junior/Senior high students is also available.

PEBBLES is a workshop that reviews the impact of alcohol on the neurological system  and identifies the connection of the behaviours observed in various settings to the brain dysfunction caused by prenatal alcohol exposure. This workshop explores the importance of recognizing brain differences to create accommodation and supports for individuals impacted with FASD within the home, school, community, employment and other social situations.