Northwest Regional Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Society Mackenzie Network

We are moving!!!!

The NWR- FASD Society McKenzie Network is moving to our new building the old Action North and we need your help!!!

Help us think of a name for our new building that would reflect on the work we do and win a cash prize and the chance to see your work displayed on our new site!!







FASD Education
Workshops and information sessions on FASD are available to any agency in the region for agencies and groups.

1.5 hour FASD Snapshot introduces the topic of FASD, it’s history and general overview of the diagnosis, it’s implications over a lifetime and supports available in the region and the province. This presentation can be tailored depending on time and audience.

40 minute FASD Prevention Conversation addresses the importance of prevention of FASD, the social issues surrounding alcohol use and the importance of conversation about the topic.  A provincial Youth Prevention Conversation program will be launched by January 2018

6 hour PEBBLES is an FASD workshop that reviews the impact of alcohol on the brain and identifies the connection of the behaviours observed in various settings to the brain damage caused by pre natal alcohol exposure. This workshop explores the importance of recognizing brain differences to create accommodation and supports for individuals impacted with FASD within the home, school, community, employment and other social situations.

Experience into Practice – FASD Supports and Services in Northern Alberta’s Remote Region is a 1.5 hour presentation that reviews the development of supports and services for FASD in the Mackenzie Region of Alberta.   Strengths, challenges, gaps and collaborations past and present are the stepping stones to appropriate FASD informed programming in our region.