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Is a 3 year program to address the needs and issues facing women; who are using drugs or alcohol while pregnant or 6 months post partum, who have a child impacted with FASD and the woman is using drugs or alcohol, or women at risk of having a child with FASD.

Family Coach Program
To provide crisis support, advocacy, education and support group opportunities to caregivers of children, adult children or spouses impacted with FASD.

Youth Coach Program
To provide youth impacted with FASD an opportunity to take part in community programming with support, or develop structured supervised community activities that expands and enriches social skills and volunteerism in the community.  The youth program also develops within the youth mentors supporting the youth, knowledge and skills to support those impacted with FASD while strengthen the importance of the prevention message around FASD for the mentors to share with their peers.

High Level Youth Mentoring Program
Based on the Big Brother, Big Sister model; providing one on one mentorship to youth in the community.

Life Coach Program
To provide supports for youth and adults 16 + to access community supports in education, employment, health,  housing, financial, children services and other agency supports as needed and to help the individuals navigate these systems while becoming active members within the community through volunteerism and employment.

Mackenzie FASD Adult Diagnostic Clinic
To provide assessment and diagnosis for 8 adults per year and follow up assessments for those who transitioned into adulthood without updated assessments.  The clinic support worker supports the adults pre and post clinic prior to being transitioned into the other FASD programs.

FASD Supported Employment Program
A pilot project to ensure those impacted with FASD are supported within their employment with advocacy and education for the employers and those who support the individuals.

Prevention Conversation Project:
A program that ensures that professionals, businesses and individuals within agencies and the community have the knowledge to share the importance of  “Its safest not to drink alcohol during pregnancy” through 1/1 conversations with individuals.  This is an Alberta wide project that is working to prevent further births of FASD by educating the public on the dangers of alcohol use during pregnancy, and the social issues around  such use and how to support individuals in having an alcohol free pregnancy.

FASD Education
Workshops and information sessions on FASD are available to any agency in the region for agencies and groups. 

1.5 hour FASD Snapshot introduces the topic of FASD, it’s history and general overview of the diagnosis, it’s implications over a lifetime and supports available in the region and the province.  This presentation can be tailored depending on time and audience.

40 minute FASD Prevention Conversation addresses the importance of prevention of FASD, the social issues surrounding alcohol use and the  importance of conversation about the topic.

6 hour PEBBLES is an FASD workshop that reviews the impact of alcohol on the brain and identifies the connection of the behaviours observed in various settings to the brain damage caused by pre natal alcohol exposure.  This workshop explores the importance of recognizing brain differences to create accommodation and supports for individuals impacted with FASD within the home, school, community, employment and other social situations.

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